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10/5/2011 Please Help Make Joseph's Second Visit Here Be His Last

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At age 15, today's Wednesday's Child has not given up hope for an adoptive home... That's why, for the second time in the last year, we're bringing you his story in the hopes someone will be his forever.

Almost exactly a year ago, we shared pizza with Joe at Grimaldi's Restaurant.   He was thoughtful, and told me then he clearly wanted a permanent family:

Just the other day we met again at Putt Park, and I can tell you his determination to have a family has not waned.

 "I haven't had a real family in a long time,  so it'd be pretty good to just stayin' one place," explained Joseph.

Joseph is a charming...has a good sense of humor, and doesn't care if his friends at school know he's a foster kid:

"Not really, it's me, it's my life,  it's happening to me, it doesn't affect 'em," he claims.

"Joe is a great advocate for himself," Says Steven, who has been Joseph's mentor and case worker for many years.

Steve has made it a point to be on Joseph's team of caretakers for years, now. He sees Joseph as an incredibly resilient guy who just needs a place...a family to call home.

"We expect that family to incorporate Joseph his family when he gets ready, and it's hopefully a lifelong thing, and that's what we look for, because now he's very independent, and he doesn't need the type of care that a younger child would... But he will need a lot of guidance and support as he goes on his own way.

That guidance would have to also recognize that Joseph is already his own man.

"That person would have to allow Joseph a fair amount of freedom... Freedom with sometimes a short leash, now I know that sometimes contradictory...but that's the..that's really what he needs," adds Steve.

Joseph is clear and ready for adoption...no strings attached.

To get started in the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335

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