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Nate Was Waiting, Now He's Warming Up To His New Home

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We're starting off Wednesday's Child in the new year with some very encouraging news. Our first report of the year is a successful adoption. 

We think it's pretty important to tell people about it when one of our kids is adopted, but in this case the success is multiplied by three.  You'll remember Nate from a story in the last half of '03,  now you get to meet his two brothers as well.  

Dave Courvoisier first met Nate during the dog days of Summer while taking in a game of miniature golf at Scandia.  Now Nate is busy "pestering" his brothers ... Bobby and Juliano while shooting some hoops.

In just a matter of a few months his family life has taken a surprising twist.

"...So Nathan came to live with us and it's always exciting," says Jill Hersha, Nate's new adoptive mother.

An exciting time not only for Nate but for his new mom too. That's because Jill is not only in the process of adopting Nate but she's also adopting brothers Bobby and Juliano as well. 
"They all think at the DCFS office that I'm crazy too. They can't believe that I'm doing what I'm doing," admits Hersha. 

But for Jill it's not so crazy. She grew up in a home with 10 siblings, so being a mom to three boys, makes her feel right at home.

Jill admits, because of their past experiences with foster families, it's going to take some time for them to feel comfortable.

"My concern is that they don't develop relationships with kids because they've been tossed around for so long. There's so many people and they don't develop that trust that I had with my parents because I knew they were always there for me," says a tearful Hersha.

Nate's a little on the shy side but when we asked him what he likes best about Jill. But his response was exactly what his new mom was hoping for.

"She makes me feel like I have someone to trust," says Nate.

"I always felt that I could give something to the kids; even though I have a lot of love to give.," says Nate's new adoptive mom.

Although Nate is living with his two brothers in the home, his adoption will probably not be finalized until later this year. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to consider being an adoptive parent, there are many many more children just as deserving as nate, waiting for a home.   Call the adoption exchange here in Las Vegas at 436-6335.

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