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Bringing the Anti-Bullying Message to Campus

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- It has been two weeks since 15-year-old James Robinson took his life. James was sophomore at Coronado High School and his family said it was bullying that drove him to suicide.

An anti-bullying assembly was held on Robinson's campus Tuesday, bringing an anti-bullying message directly to the students.

"Words can cut right to the bone. One mean comment, and I know that you all know this, one mean comment can send a person into a tailspin. And at Coronado High School, I don't need to share that with you, you know that, you've experienced it," said Drew Stevens with the Josh Stevens Foundation.

Stevens spends a lot of his time delivering a message he and his family strongly believe in -- be kind. He lost his son, Josh, right before his 13th birthday. After the tragedy, his family started the Josh Stevens Foundation, promoting kindness to one another.

James Robinson's mom says her son was bullied by some classmates. Students who knew him believe the assembly will help.

"A lot of suicides have been happening and maybe some of these people can relate to what's going on and maybe their hearts will change," said Coronado junior Brian Carter.

Senior Mario Stumph often ate lunch with Robinson. Stumph, who is now a football player, often suffered bullying in middle school.

"You feel this pain you had in middle school and you come to high school and it's either 10 times worse, or it stops. It hurts you forever," Stumph said.

"It was very unexpected. Our school wants to take the stance that bullying isn't ok," said Coronado senior Kelsie Kincaid. "It just makes kids realize the difference they can make in just being kind and nicer -- just a simple act."

This is anti-bullying month, and while there is no direct link to suicide and bullying, in some cases it has been the reason why kids take their lives. This past month, six Las Vegas area teenagers died by suicide.

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