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Suicide Claims the Lives of 6 Clark County Teens

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LAS VEGAS -- Six teenagers have committed suicide in the last month. Those startling numbers were revealed by the Clark County Coroners office. 

While it is not known what led these teens to take such a drastic action, it is known that kids who are the target of bullies often have shared risk factors for suicide.

The teenagers who died by suicide ranged in age from 14-years-old to 19-years-old. The six all took their lives in a one month period. According to Linda Flatt, the suicide prevention trainer for Nevada, that compares to a total of seven teen suicides in all of 2010.

Labels on campuses across the school district can often lead to bullying. From the jocks, to the cheerleaders, to those in band just to name a few of the groups. Bullying does not discriminate.

"Because even the popular kids are going through things not just the kids that are like outsiders," senior student Cora Walter said.

Walters is a Del Sol High School senior taking part in a two-day event called a Challenge Day. Students attend workshops and go through activities focused ways to stop the bullying which is something Walter has seen happen way too often.

"It's tough because you have to walk around the hall and make sure like you keep your head down and just move fast and it's sad that kids have to do that," Walter said.

It's community events that provide awareness such as a walk held a few weeks ago remembering those who have passed away because of suicide.

"We want students to participate in those kinds of things. Those are the efforts in the aftermath of a suicide that are preventative that might save lives," said Linda Flatt, a suicide prevention trainer.

Flatt lost her son to suicide and says the six teen suicides this month is horrific. Even though none have been confirmed because of bullying, it's still worth a mention to remind people of the affects bullying can have on anyone, especially young people.

"Students who are the target of bullies often have shared risk factors for suicide. I just don't want to draw a straight line from bullying to suicide because all students who are bullied do not take their lives," Flatt said.

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