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Bullying a Possible Factor in High School Teen's Suicide

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- The death of a 15-year-old has shaken a local high school. The Coronado High School sophomore -- allegedly a victim of bullying --  took his own life.

The Clark County School District says James Robinson killed himself on Wednesday. Now, Henderson Police are taking the lead into the possibility the teen was bullied. Robinson was involved in track and field and played in the school band last year.

The mood was somber at Coronado High School Friday. It has a been a rough week in Cougar country.

A group that helps kids who are being bullied -- for whatever reason -- says school districts need to be more focused on the problem.

"We are still not seeing comprehensive anti-bullying policies in school districts, not only to include lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender youth, but for any case of bullying," Mel Goodwin said. He is with Gay & Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada and meets weekly with targeted teens.

The center provides a safe outlet for kids who may encounter bullying at school or through the Internet.

"It's a place they can go to if they ever feel they are unsafe or if they are being bullied," Goodwin said.

Family therapist Claudia Schwarz says she's seen more bullying cases recently.

"Parents make the mistake as kids get older that they need less communication, less monitoring, and that's so not the case. Not that they need more as little children, they need as much or more," she said.

Suggestions she has for parents is to keep computers out of a bedrooms and to monitor the child's social life.

"Monitoring their Facebook, MySpace, their phone, their text messages. I don't care if you've got a 16-year-old kid who thinks they will be out of their house soon. You need to pay attention to what's going on," Schwarz said.

If a kid starts to withdraw from family or social events, it could be a sign something is wrong and they may need some support from a parent or adult.

Counselors on campus were available for students and staff at Coronado to help them through this difficult time.

Henderson Police are now heading the investigation with the Clark County School District Police to see if bullying may have led to to the teen's untimely death.

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