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9/07/11 Three Siblings Hoping to Skate Into a Permanent Family

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The weather's been so hot lately, we decided to give Wed's Child a break this week, and shoot inside an ice rink...our sibling set of three took to the skates right away!

You might have trouble picking out our set of two sisters and one brother, 'cause they looked so natural on the ice... well...most of the time!

These three are so tight as siblings, one of them is usually there to catch the other when they fall.

"Yes, these three siblings are great friends with each other, they love to sing...they love to dance, they love being together, and they love family," says Tracie, their case worker at DFS.

Chasidie is the oldest at 10...she just started the 5th grade.

Her brother Christon is 8, and is in 3rd grade.

Youngest -- Candious -- is 7 and in second grade.

And they all love school.

"I know last year that there were all "A's" and "B's", and Christon said he got "C"...but you know, A's and B's...they're good students... They enjoy school," adds Tracie.

Right now, these three are living at a foster home that can't adopt them, so they're trying to get used to the idea of moving.

"You know, through therapy, their therapists are working with them right now, explaining about adoption, about their permanent home...so their therapist is really working with them right now....to understand that a permanent move is in place," says  Tracie.

So what kind of home would be perfect?

"The ideal home would look like two parents at this time in life, um, especially with a strong male figure...they each have their positives and their strengths, and they really need a male figure to help develop those strengths. No, they're great kids, somebody out there that's watching, give us a call, because we really need a wonderful home for these 3," reminds Tracie.

All three are free for adoption together.
to get the ball rolling today, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335. 

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