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8-24-11 Anylaah Gets the "Cute" Award, but What She Needs Are Parents

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Today's Wednesday's Child is the bomb!  So it seemed only fitting that we'd be visiting the Atomic Testing Museum!  Most 9-yr-olds would probably find the place boring, but not Anylaah.

The era of above-ground nuclear testing was way before Anylaah's day, so I was worried she might be bored with it all.   I was so wrong.

This nine-yr-old just soaked it all up... Leading me from one exhibit to another, and asking lots of questions.

"She is very intelligent, very active, her aggressiveness can be positive, if she's involved, she has to be involved in a lot of activities...and that kind of burns her energy off," says Deborah, her foster mother.

Here's the other thing about Anylaah....she loves books and studying.   She led us into the library at the museum, and didn't want to leave.

Not that she's a bookworm... Her foster mother says she's also a busybody.

"Lots of energy, and she's going to need to be in activities, probably sports season in and season out," adds Deborah.

Indeed, Anylaah just started playing on a soccer team and loves it. She's imaginative, playful, and social.

"Oh, wow, the potential for this little girl is beyond the stars, she has such a intelligence and creativity about her, if she's allowed the chance," says Deborah, effusively.

But none of it will come to pass without the right forever family making a commitment to this beautiful girl.

"She...desires to have a family,  she wants a family, and I believe once that stable family, gets in place, she's going to be a remarkable child for someone," remarks Deborah.

Anylaah's foster mother says she's just boot-camp for Anylaah's real home -- an adoptive home.  If you think you could love Anylaah as your own, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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