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8-17-11 Caleb & Joshua Hope to be Paired with Parents

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Today's Wednesday's Child is a pair of brothers who have not lost hope for an adoptive family, so we're supporting that by featuring them for the second time.
Back in November of 2009 we met with Caleb and his big brother Joshua at a bakery.   They were fine with decorating cakes...but by comparison...

Showering imaginary flames with this fire truck hose was a little more along the lines of what boys like to do...

At County Fire Station #22, Caleb and Joshua...now ages 7 and 10...felt like they found the holy grail of every young man's dream...a full-blown tour of the life of a fireman..boots and all.

It was a highlight in their young lives that has seen it's share of challenges:

"There is some delays, there is some behavioral and some learning disabilities, but nothing that if a family if they work really hard, and that they are that special family, they will definitely get them to where they need to be," says Gina, a recruiter for the Division of Family Services of Clark County.

Caleb looks up to his older brother, and Joshua protects his little brother...but they both are active, fun-loving kids with hearts of gold, and plenty of potential.

"These two little boys are great, but they do need a family that will insure that they are taken care of, that they are safe, and that they will take their time and understanding that they need to know," adds Gina.

Family services is keeping an open mind for a family.

"I'm looking for someone who's willing to take them in a home, they have been with us for quite some time...this is our second time shooting them, and I know it's beIause we were looking for that special home, and we just didn't find, so here we go again...I know they're out there," says Gina hopefully.

These two brothers are more than ready and available for adoption.   If you think there might be room in your heart and your home for the, get the process of adoption started by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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