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8/10/2011 Alonn and Howard -- Brother & Sister in Search of Parents

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Even adoptive parents have trouble deciding if they want a boy or a girl.   So, how 'bout both?  today's Wednesday's Child is a brother-sister pair who would fit into just about any home.

We're at County Fire Station #22... A new fire station where all the firemen proudly gave us a tour of the back office... But Alonn and Howard mostly wanted to get to the good stuff.

What they got instead was a valuable lesson in fire safety.  Alonn and Howard are a tight pair... She's 10, and he's 9 and they need a forever family... Something they've been emotionally preparing for.

"It was something that we stepped into with preparing them for this next step, and they have just really embraced it at this point in their lives.," says Laura, a part of their support team

Alonn is all girl...she loves pink, giraffes, and getting artsy.

"Alonn loves anything with beauty...she likes to get her nails done, she loves to go to the mall, she loves to do any kind of art and create. She really gets into painting and drawing and creating," says Laura.

Howard -- as you might guess -- has other things on his mind.

"Howard loves video games, he loves, um, anything where he's being...football, soccer, any sports activities." adds Laura.

But make no mistake, these two are inseparable, and they've done the work to shed their past, and look to the future.  

"They want someone that is gonna definitely do a lot of fun activities with them, they are very active children, they are excited to be with their parents, and anybody that they could be with and spent time with.   So they're looking for that closeness more than anything," says Laura.

Both Alonn and Howard love school, and are seeking a loving family where they will thrive.

"I see them as just being in a, a nice, just a nice home where they can receive that attention and love that they need," mentions Laura.

Alonn and Howard are free and clear for adoption.   To get started in the adoption process for this brother/sister pair, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.


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