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8/03/2011 Jeremiah Takes Control (of a ladder truck)

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Almost every boy dreams about being a fireman.   Today's Wednesday's Child did more than that... We found a way to let Jeremiah *live the dream for an afternoon.

We're at County Fire Station #22 with several other Wednesday's Child candidates whom you'll meet in the weeks ahead... Today, though, we're focusing on Jeremiah, who is the bright-eyed guy there in the blue T-shirt.... Drinking in every bit of the tour we're getting of this brand new facility.

Jeremiah is 12...going into the 6th grade this fall, and describes himself this way:

"I'm a respectful, caring guy, and loving."

That's actually true... He was certainly loving his time on the big truck operating the ladder.

Jeremiah is a well-balanced young man who is overdue for a being part of a permanent family.

"He's obviously had previous placements that didn't work out to be his forever family, so it would be important moving forward that they were able to receive and show respect, and basically show him what it means to be part of a family, and to be a part of a family, to belong to a family, and to be accepted into a family." says Vickie of the Division of Family Services.

Jeremiah will start the 6th grade this fall, he likes Chinese food, and...

"...I like to go to the movies, athletic, I like to do some sports and stuff."

More than anything, Jeremiah needs to belong.

"I mean you have to want and enjoy the things that boys like , because that is who he is...he likes sports, he likes movies....he likes food, so and of course, you have to like a child who is a little bit older, obviously, he's 12 years old, so that's what he needs in this life, and a willingness to embrace his siblings," adds Vickie.

Yes, Jeremiah has siblings who appeared on Wednesday's Child, and they were adopted.   He's not bitter...he just wants his own family, and to be able to maintain contact with his sister and brothers.
To help out, get started in the process now by calling the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335

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