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Harmon Tower Implosion Not Likely Soon

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LAS VEGAS -- Although MGM Resorts wants to implode its troubled Harmon Tower, it could be a long time before that becomes a reality.

MGM Resorts International wants to implode the CityCenter property saying it has too many construction defects to remain standing. MGM officials says they can implode Harmon Tower six months after getting the green light from the county.

But with a supreme court decision, a six-month jury trial and a county approval standing in the way, there's no telling when the Harmon Tower could come down -- or how.

Looking at Harmon Tower, and how close it is to neighboring Crystals shopping center and Las Vegas Blvd., the question remains: How can the 27 story tower be imploded safely? MGM says the best experts in the implosion business say it can be done and have submitted an engineer's report to Clark County detailing the plan.

The county has not yet made the report available to the public. But the outline details how barriers and scaffolding will reinforce nearby pedestrian bridges. Harmon Tower's glass and its section closest to Crystals will be removed piece by piece.

Some tourists think it's an impossible feat.

"It's not going to happen, it's not practical, it's not logical," said Elka Anne Maxwell who is visiting from Australia.

The lawsuit between MGM Resorts and Perini Building company over Harmon Tower construction defects is before district court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez. She wanted to start a six-month jury trial beginning in September but it's currently held up by the Nevada Supreme Court. That court must first decide if a law firm that once opposed Perini has a conflict of interest. Construction defect attorney Troy Isaacson gives his legal opinion.

"Perini is now concerned that confidential information can now be used against them in the CityCenter lawsuit," said Isaacson.

In the past 24 hours, both MGM and Perini have not held back, using charged words against each other including "conspiracy, ridiculous, no concern, self-serving, dishonest and guilty of destroying evidence."

Harmon Tower's owner may want the building to come down but it may remain standing as a $300 million billboard for some time to come.

8 News NOW reached out to the demolition company, LVI Environmental Services. They say if they're given the green light to go ahead with an implosion, it will take 75 to 100 workers to bring down the Harmon Tower.

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