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Outstanding Teen Girl Needs Family

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(Nov. 12) -- Celia really stands out.  At 13-years-old, she is smart beyond her years. Not just because she's already been through a lot, but also because she's got a good head on her shoulders.

I was impressed with Celia's candor and grasp of her situation. I asked her some questions I only ask if I think the child is ready. "Do you know why you're here today? Yes. Is that okay with you? Yes, that's okay. I explained that we put children like Celia on television and make an appeal for viewers to adopt. Celia told us that she would like to be adopted.

She's been through the worst of it already. It's hard because (being in so many different foster homes), when you start to get settled, things turn out wrong, because when you're getting settled, like, I went in a foster home before this one, I was getting settled, and they bring in another girl, and she was older, and she was very abusive to me physically."

Regardless of her impressions of the past, Celia brings to the picture a lot of pluses. She's making great grades in school, and finding acceptance. "She's really come to see her potential. She's just really matured this last year," said Nina Anderson, CASA volunteer. 

Celia loves art, drawing, and pottery. She's also a big animal lover, and thinks she may want to work in a zoo, or be a veterinarian. She'd like siblings, and when I asked her if -- as a teenager -- if she'd like her own phone she said: "Yeah, I'd like my own phone, but you don't have to worry about the phone bills, because I barely even call."

Celia is an exceptionally well-balanced candidate for adoption, and don't let her age stop you. "She's just very resilient and she's a good kid, she's basically, she's got good moral character, and you don't always see that," Anderson said. 

Celia's social workers are excited about her potential for adoption, because they know the older child matters.


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