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7/20/11 Jalyn: A Diamond in the Rough

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Eleven is a crucial age for any boy or girl... And no one should be there without a real family supporting them.   That's why we hope you might consider adopting an exceptional foster child named Jalyn.

On a hot day at Bonnie Springs, we kept finding looking for relief in the shops and stores...   Jaylen kinda likes shopping for jewelry anyway, and it gave us a chance to talk. For instance, I found out she'll be in the 6th grade this fall, she likes science, and...

"I make good grades, but not straight-A's...that's my goal, though," says Jalyn.

With Jalyn, what you see is what you get... An engaging girl with a sweet personality.

"One of the things I love about Jalyn is her dispostion...she's kind, um, loving, she's very easy to talk to...very soft-spoken, so anybody in her life would love to be around here, 'cause she makes people feel real special...very special," says Gina, a recruitment specialist for the County's Division of Family Services.

Jalyn is on a volleyball club team... She likes to sing, and is eager to belong to a family.

"The things that I do like about Jalyn...she knows what she wants...she really does.   She does understand that she needs a family...but she understands that any family -- any family -- would be great for her, she doesn't have a lot of wants," adds Gina.

What would the perfect family look like?

"A safe, nice, loving, athletic...home," says Jalyn.

"She is shy, but I think with the right person, um, we can really see a whole, huge future for this young lady,  'cause she doesn't really have a lot of needs, she just needs you to love her," says Gina.

Jalyn has some other brothers and sisters she wants to stay in touch with...but otherwise, there are no strings attached.   She's ready for adoption.

To get going in the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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