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Man Guilty in Fatal DUI Feels 'Horrible'

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LAS VEGAS -- Just one week after being sentenced to prison, Kevin Miranda is speaking out. In an interview, Miranda talks about the night he drove drunk and killed 24-year-old Angela Peterson.

The case has received a lot of attention. Clark County School District police officers, as well as some dispatchers, could be in trouble for allegedly drinking with several teens, including Miranda, just hours before the collision.

Miranda talked fully knowing questions would be asked about the party and who was there. He spoke from the Clark County Detention Center under one condition -- that there be no recording equipment.

I-Team: Underage DUI Suspect Allegedly Drank with Police Before Fatal Accident

It's been almost two years since the collision that killed Peterson. While Miranda sits at CCDC, awaiting transfer to a state prison, he admits he and his girlfriend attended a party at a home in November of 2009. He described it as a family get together, but with friends.

He was quick to point out he didn't know anybody at the party -- that he was just there as a guest of his girlfriend's. But he admits he knew where some of the people at the party worked.

"I knew some of them worked for the school district. I knew some were dispatchers, but I didn't know there were school police officers there. I don't recollect any sergeant being there," he said.

As for the drinking, Miranda says no one asked about his age or the age of the other teens at the party. He freely poured himself about four mixed drinks, saying nobody ever handed him a drink.

"I poured myself about four mixed drinks. Nobody ever handed me anything. I got the drinks on my own," he said.

He says he played beer pong with one of the adults, though he says he doesn't remember who. He said several other teens also played beer pong.

Miranda then says the groups split up -- the younger group going inside the house and hanging out while the adults stayed in the garage. Occasionally Miranda says he would go back to the garage to get another drink, saying the homeowner, who is also a CCSD school police dispatcher, possibly saw him pouring drinks.

"I don't want anyone to get in trouble for something I did. This is all my fault. I made the mistake of drinking and driving, no one else," he said.

Most importantly, Miranda says he is extremely sorry for what he did -- his poor choice that took Peterson's life. Peterson's parents have said his apology in court wasn't sincere, but he says that's far from true.

"It hurts to think that they think I'm a monster. I do feel horrible. There is remorse here," he said.

But he says he understands their anger. "It's their daughter, their life. I would feel the same way."

Miranda says he has not been visited at the jail by school police or dispatchers, but he is fully expecting to hear from Metro Police if they re-open their investigation.

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