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7/06/2011 We Hope Second Time's-a-Charm for Elijah

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For the second time in less than a year on Wednesday's Child, we're bringing you the story of Elijah...an 8-yr-old who so deserves to be adopted.

 Last November we caught up with Elijah at U-Swirl, and besides the great appetite, we also found a pretty big smile.

Now, cut to just the other day when we again met with Elijah -- this time at Bonnie Springs, where we thought for sure being with the animals would bring that smile back, but nothing could be further from his mind.

So instead, we wandered around bonnie spring's Old West town.

Elijah is a friendly, charming guy with a ton of energy.

"Elijah is, he is vibrant, and he's funny...he tells you how he feels and what he wants.    Elijah is very outgoing, he loves sports.   He loves everything about sports...basketball, football, anything that has a ball he loves it," says Gina, and adoption recruiter for the County's Division of Family Services.

Beyond sports, though, Elijah has culinary interests.

"Well, I heard that he loves to cook.   He likes to get in the kitchen and help.   He's a great helper," says Gina.

Elijah does have some challenges, though, and needs a loving home with parents who will have steady patience to see him through.

"Lots of structure, um, healthy discipline.   Being able to understand where his strengths are, and being able to build on those strengths," adds Gina. 

Elijah is free and clear for adoption.   You can get started in the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange now.   The number is 436-6335.

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