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7/13/2011 Hanna States Her Case Clearly

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Hanna is our Wednesday's Child today...a 10-year old girl who says she wants to be a family court judge when she grows up.   The kind of judge who would finalize an adoption plan for a girl like Hanna!

We're at the petting zoo at Bonnie Springs where the residents are friendly.

Hanna loved being with the animals, but she'd like a permanent home even more.

"....And then I would like a home that has a mom and a dad, and I would like it to have dogs, and if it had cats, it would be ok to have cats..." explains Hanna.

Friendly by nature, her case worker tells us she's had more than her fair share of life's disappointments.

"Miss Hanna has had a lot of loss...more loss than a 10-yr-old should ever have, so I think the family needs to understand that she's been through it...and you need to be committed  to her, and be committed to wherever that takes you, and let her know that you will always be there for her," says Vickie, her DFS Adoption Recruiter.

Hanna starts the fifth grade this fall. She's plenty smart, and understood exactly our purpose for putting her on camera.

"Because, you put me on the TV, and people want to adopt me and they call, and she helps, and she thinks that the people are good, then she sets us up," adds Hanna.

"Unfortunately she's been in care for some time, though, what she says is very correct, she's absolutely looking for a permanent family... She said she's open to having brothers and sisters, a mom and a dad, or a single parent as well," explains Vickie.

Hanna is free and ready for adoption... She likes listening to music, does her homework, and claims she does extra chores around the house.   But more than anything, she needs love.

"So we just need somebody to bring her together, right now she's missing a lot of things in her life, and we need a family to give her the things she's missing," says Vickie.

Hanna is waiting, and has high hopes she'll be adopted by the right family.
To begin the process, please call the office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.  

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