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6/15/2011 Three Siblings Find Pizza and a Celebrity at our Shoot

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Our Wednesday's Child shoot with a sibling set of three the other day was interrupted by a very special unexpected guest.   He saw something extraordinary in these kids, and we hope you do too.

Did you ever ***really*** watch to see how a pizza's made??

Luckily the chef at Grimaldi's Pizza did not mind that we hung over his shoulder and watched.   This threesome even waited patiently and politely while the pizza was cooking.

Dean is the oldest of the three -- he's in 3rd grade.   Mariah is next...she'll be 8 in August, and little sister Amanda is 6.   They're in a great foster home, but the parents can't adopt, so these three needAsomething more permanent.

"So the stability in their lives has definitely been there. Them needing to move is not for the lack of love for lack of having resource their needs are being met right now but long-term we need something permanent in this family is not able to be that for them," says Vickie, an adoption recruiter for the County's Department of Family Services

About the same time the pizza arrived, former Dodger pitcher Oral Herscheiser -- who just happened to be at the restaurant -- joined us to ask about the kids, and offer his support.   The kids didn't know him, but their eyes got big when they saw his championship ring.

These three siblings are very balanced.   Dean is protective of his sisters, and would like a family that supports him in pursuing sports.

"Mariah is the middle child, and the peacemaker...but she loves theatre or dance," says Vickie.

And Amanda? 

"Amanda bless her heart she's my spitfire she has all the energy in the world she would love being a ballerina," adds Vickie.

These three have been blessed with a great foster home, but now we need someone to step in for the rest of their lives.

"Sky is the limit for them. I believe they could function well as adults and independently I do think that they can have normalcy in their lives I just get to the right family to be committed to make sure those things happen for them," says Vickie.

These three siblings are free and clear and ready to be adopted.

You can get started in the process right now by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange.    The number is 436-6335.

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