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New Gun Laws Take Effect in Nevada

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LAS VEGAS - Two new Nevada gun laws took effect Friday that make it easier to buy guns across state lines and obtain permits for concealed weapons.

One of the laws eliminates paperwork and red tape for concealed weapon permit holders.

Read the Concealed Weapons Permit Law

If you qualify for a permit to carry a concealed firearm, you may obtain one permit for all semiautomatic firearms you seek to carry - rather than obtain a permit for each specific semiautomatic firearm.

Under the old law, if you had one gun on your permit and wanted to add a different gun a year later, you'd have to re-qualify with all the paperwork.

The Gun Store firearms instructor Shawn Gilbert says the new law makes it easier for Nevada gun owners and makes our state safer.

"Every state that has adopted a CCW law, crime has gone down in that state," he said. "An armed society is a polite society… If you're Joe Criminal, aren't you going to think twice about breaking into somebody's house knowing they might have a gun in there, or bothering the guy on the street thinking, ‘Okay, he might have a CCW. So, I'm gonna' pick an easier target?'"

Gilbert says the new law could also create more business for gun stores in the valley.

The second law that went into effect allows people from out-of-state to come to a Nevada gun store and purchase a rifle or shotgun.

Read the Interstate Firearms Sale Law

Under the old law, you couldn't walk out of the store with it. You would have to have it shipped to your dealer.

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