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Handsome, Special Child Needs Care

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With this Wednesday's Child, progress is measured in inches, not miles. His name is Jaime (hy'-may) and he's confined to a wheelchair.  Jaime offers an entirely different set of challenges than most of the kids we feature, and  because of that, his achievements and successes mean that much more.

We met with Jaime and his foster mother, Judy, at Scandia. Obviously, he can't do any of the things the other boys we were with that day can do...in fact, the entire time we were there, Jaime never really woke up so we could see his big beautiful eyes. But Judy tells us he is attentive, and he does react to what goes on around him.

"He smiles, and he looks around, um, you know, he likes to listen to music, and look at television, and he likes to have all the kids around," says his foster mother.

Jaime was just a few months old when he had a sudden infant death syndrome episode. He never recovered. Jaime has cortical blindness and hearing loss. He's fed through a tube, and will probably never walk. Yet, Judy, his foster mother of many years, now, says he's a delight in his own special way.

"He's one of the easier children to take care of. He really is, and when his tube feedings going, he doesn't knock it off, he's just happy to be where you are," says Judy.

Jaime gets physical, occupational and speech therapy. He goes to school, and clearly knows where he is...'cause he always smiles when the bus comes. For the right person, Jaime would be a challenge and a gem.

"He's special in his own way,  when you look at the big picture, when he turns to your voice, and when you walk in the room, and you know, you start to talk, and he's looking around for you, or you can see that little light in his eyes, and you know, that's a huge thing, when you're around children like this, and he's...he's a great kid, he really is..."

This is a special case, and it will take special parents. You'll need to have some medical knowledge or willingness to learn some basics. Call the adoption exchange at our new las vegas number:

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