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Teachers Explode in the Name of Science

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LAS VEGAS -- Clark County teachers got free rein to blow things up Tuesday. Sixty of them went to a science camp of sorts at UNLV to learn the basics of earth science. Many are hoping this extra education will help them get kids excited about science.

They blew up a diet soda bottle using Mentos candy and then they took it to another level by blowing up a trash can with water and liquid nitrogen to simulate a volcano. The teachers said they can't wait to duplicate the non-hazardous experiments for their students next year. However, with CCSD potentially cutting half of the supplies budget next year, teachers will have to likely pay for the experiments.

"I think any good teacher always is spending their own money because a lot of it is hands-on activities and there isn't always money in the budget to go out and buy a pack of Mentos and a bottle of diet soda, those are just things you do as a teacher to create those experiences for your kids," said Bridget Zick, teacher at Ronzone Elementary School.

Zick said hated learning science as a kid but has enjoyed re-learning the basics of pressure, density and temperature. Many people in the classroom enrolled in this program to add the experience to their resume and help them teach science basics.

"I'm going to make the best of the situation I've been placed in, and I believe that any great teacher can teach through experience and through the world around them," said Sarah Potts, kindergarten teacher at West Prep Academy.

Last year, the Visions Institute worked with high school teachers and actually measured how well they taught their students after the classes. They had some of the highest retention numbers in CCSD.

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