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Special-Needs Child Brings Special Rewards

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14-yr-old Sherrie is part of the crew that went on our Lake Mead Paddlewheel Cruise a few weeks ago.

Let's just say right off the top that Sherrie has special needs, and is not your normal kid up for adoption...but then who is?  She's just like all the other foster kids -- she wants a permanent home.

You've already met Christopher and his sister Destinee, the other kids we traveled with on the tour....but the other person who went along for our Lake Mead cruise recently was the Sherrie.

Sherrie came into foster care two years ago due to neglect in her birth home. She's been in the same foster home since then, but she still dreams of having a permanent adoptive family....one that can take on her relatively simple special needs.

"Sherrie was born with fetal alcohol syndrome...which means her mother drank during the pregnancy, and that's caused her to have some medical problems, and some developmental problems," says Veronica Fiscus of the State Division of Child and Family Services.

But Sherrie kept up with the rest of us just fine all afternoon. She has a very easy-going manner, and is very cooperative.

"She's really not that difficult a child to parent, you know, she's pretty compliant, you know, she likes to please, likes to help..she's really not that difficult," says Fiscus.

And she's not going to be everything she can be without a loving adoptive home.

"She does have the chance to have some independence, and we need someone who can help her reach her full potential," adds Fiscus.

The Adoption Exchange is ready to begin taking your calls if you'd like to consider taking Sherrie into your family. Call the Adoption Exchange at our new Las Vegas number: 436-6335.

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