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6/01/2011 Three Sisters Find a Forever Home

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Right around the Halloween season in 2009, we introduced 3 lovely little girls on Wednesday's Child.   At the time, they needed a home.   Well, today we're back to tell you they found a great home!

When we met these 3 sisters at the pumpkin patch petting zoo, we were taken with bond between them,  and the fact that they were just so deserving.   They had different names then...

So let me re-introduce you to the girls again with the names they chose for themselves.

Ashlen is now 9... Her sister Kaelen is 7, and the youngest is Madisen at 6.   But it doesn't stop there.   They all three now have a sister named Jaeden who was also adopted 8 years ago.

Adoptive single mother, Bonnie, knew Jaeden deserved some company.

"About 2 1/2 years ago, I started thinking about I would want a sibling for Jaeden, she was five and kept talking about wanting sisters, wanting sisters," explained Bonnie, their adoptive mother.

And... Bonnie wanted a bigger family.

"I didn't want raise her alone, I chose to adopt because I carry a genetic marker for a disease that can cause quite a bit of birth defects, so I knew I was going to adopt even growing up," Bonnie said.

She got approved to adopt, and began the wait for the girls she knew would be just right.

"I met them, they, I just knew. I mean we went and met and they were just wild and crazy and noisy and it was like this is what I want.  I want a large family. I want this.  They were sweet little shy at first," admits Bonnie

But you wouldn't call them shy today.   Madison remembers the goats at the pumpkin patch 

"I got to go and feed the goats when I went to feed this stuff out of the cup the goat was jumping and ate the stuff out of my cup," Madisen explains.

Kaelen distinctly remembers why we put them on TV in the first place:

"...Because we were going to get adopted and have a new family," says Kaelen.

...and Jaeden is happy to have playmates...

 "I liked it when I had to play with and not just all by myself," says Jaeden.

Now they all have each other.

"Everyday even when I'm at my wits and oh my goodness… there's still love they will come and give you that smile.   Well, you get to choose. They are more in your heart and they are yours forever," adds Bonnie.

There are lots of other children waiting to be adopted.
Give a call to the Adoption Exchange now to get the process started.   The number is 436-6335.

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