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Bright-Eyed Devin Would Make Wonderful Family Addition

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Foster children are some of the most resilient kids on the planet. 'Proof-positive of that in this week's Wednesday's Child

He's Devin...and he's 9 years old.

We met Devin at Scandia with a couple of other foster kids, and our main goal was to have fun, and get to know each other. There are so many things to do at Scandia, and in the short span of a couple of hours, we tried to do them all..

Devin is a handsome boy of Asian-descent with a mop of black hair and an infectious smile. Devin takes to all he does with a gusto you gotta marvel at. He enjoyed the bumper boats, but he really left us behind on the race track

For all his apparent talent, Devin does have learning disabilities, and gets speech therapy along with special education services at school. But he's responding well to all that. He has an enthusiasm sustains him, and an interest in sports that keeps him busy.

"I love rcing cars, I like go-carts, I like basketball, I like soccer, I like football...."

And Devin likes bang-bang shoot 'em up too.  He kept gravitating to the video games with targets...and says he wants to be a Marine.

"Why a marine?"

" 'Cause they have the most weapons."

But really, Devin is a very well-mannered and respectful kid who is hoping for something more permanent than foster care.

"Would you like a forever family?"


Devin is free and clear for adoption. To get the ball rolling on the approval process, call the Adoption Exchange at our new Las Vegas number: 436-6335. Or you can find the adoption exchange online by clicking on, and selecting the Wednesday's Child link.

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