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Successful Small Business Opens Local Store in Henderson

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- Nearly everyone is hoping the economy will turn around since the recession began. Saturday in Henderson there was a small sign of a business headed in the right direction. The local shoe company Pediped Footwear opened a brand new store.

For the first time in the Valley you can get Pediped Footwear for your kids right from the source. The company decided after bad economic times, this was the time and place to expand. Other businesses here will be watching to see how the move goes.

This ribbon cutting in Henderson is a surprise considering the difficult times small businesses have faced in recent years. But Pediped account manager Chris Rogers knows nothing of that struggle.

"When I would visit shoe stores they would say you must be struggling, how's the company doing, and I said we're actually doing pretty well," said Rogers.

"Rogers took his first job with the company three years ago, and they've been growing ever since, despite the recession.

Something he credits to a smart business strategy.

"They would say it's terrible. X y z is going out of business, and I was saying our company is doing great so we must be doing something right," says Rogers.

Part of that strategy is moving from Los Angeles to here in the Valley.

President Angela Edgeworth says the state and the city made it easy and beneficial to move to Henderson.

Since then they've been able to put folks to work.

"We actually came to the state of Nevada probably with about ten employees and we've grown that to close to 50 now, and it's still growing. We're still continuing to hire," said Edgeworth.

This first store could multiply into two or possibly more. If that happens other companies can take note.

"Going forward we think that there's a huge opportunity here. If the store goes well, this could be the launching pad for many, many stores across the nation, which is what we're hoping," said Edgeworth.

It's a big if, but it represents a reason to hope. And that's a reason to smile.

Another part of that business strategy aside from moving the business here to Henderson is offering more options for customers. Angela Edgeworth says they're planning to expand that even further now that they've got a retail store right here in town.

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