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Sibling Set of Three Will Fit In With Any Family

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Sibling bonds are stronger than you might think.   Today's Wednesday's Child is sibling set of three who've been hoping for an adoptive family for years.   Maybe today's the day?

"I found the microphone!" shouts Tatiana..one of the three Wednesday's Children for today.

Kids are always fascinated with our T-V-v microphones... Tatiana couldn't seem to let go of it:

"Hi I'm Tatiana  for 8 news now and I found the microphone," Tatiana exclaims proudly.

But Tatiana is just the middle child in a threesome that will grab your heart in a second.   Carlos' smile is certainly memorable, and oldest sister Quiana's friendly disposition rounds out a tight group of siblings.

"They are very bonded. They have been together this whole entire time, they are definitely bonded to each other," says  Gina, a Division of Family Services Adoption Home Recruiter.

Quiana is in 7th grade, and likes shopping.

4th-grader Tatiana is a very social and loves to swim... And the youngest, Carlos:

"Carlos says I love to dance. But I'm very shy (laughs)," adds Gina.

All three say they would love to go to Lego-Land..they also want a dog and a rabbit... But most of all, they want a family where they can stay put.

"I think they are just regular children that are looking for a home that would love them, it would open up their hearts and understand that these kids have been around for a while and they definitely need a lot of patience and a lot of security. I think that's about all they need," says Gina. 

This sibling set of three is ready and waiting for adoption.
To get going on the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335... They'd be a great addition to any family.


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