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I-Team: Extreme Makeover Family Under the Microscope

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LAS VEGAS -- It was a home getting an extreme makeover, built to help two sick girls live a better life. But the reality left behind by the reality TV show now may be a house built on what the courts call overblown circumstances.

Two years ago, 8 News NOW exposed the problems left behind when large, Extreme Makeover homes stick out in neighborhoods, hurting property values. But now the Cerda family is back in the news.

We were told their daughters had a rare medical problem that required special air filters and treatment. A new home helped. But they sold the house and left the Nevada under financial distress.

Only now, a recent report and court case says the sickness may not have been everything it was cracked up to be.

Charities, volunteers and the TV show made a heart-felt story of the girl's immune system problems. But shortly after the cameras left, the Cerda's reportedly couldn't pay the taxes and other energy costs.

They sold the massive home near Ann Road and US 95 in 2010 for half it's $600,000 asking price. They traveled to the northwest, and as the Oregonian newspaper reported, doctors and health care officials soon doubted the Cerda's claims about the dire state for the girls.

Terri Cerda had appeared in public service announcements about immune deficiency, yet doctors said she was exposing the girls to unneeded tests, which could cause actual health problems.

The paper said one doctor even testified in a custody hearing what was happening could be considered "medical child abuse."

One neighbor who was upset about the giant house at the time was Larry Cruikshank. He was worried about property values then, and now, the worry he's had all along is that people may have been duped.

"The main concern is for the little girls. I saw them playing in the backyard without any masks. I saw them having a good life, but nobody else seemed to recognize that," he said.

The Oregonian reported a family court judge allowed the family to keep the children and Terri Cerda and the girls are back in Las Vegas.

None of the doctors who testified wanted to speak about the case. The Cerda family attorney has stopped granting media requests apparently due to the publicity. The listing agent who sold the house also chose not to comment.

Many people have become tight-lipped when something so positive appears to be something else entirely.

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