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Beaten Up Batman has a History

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LAS VEGAS -- The video was seen around the world -- a man dressed as Batman getting beat up on the Las Vegas Strip. It wasn't pretty, but people couldn't help but look.

After the video surfaced, 8 News NOW took to the streets to try and find the man behind the mask. Reporter Tedd Florendo was successful, interviewing Maxwell Allen in full costume. Of course, that isn't the end of the story.

For those with Netflix, give Confessions of a Superhero a watch. In it, you'll see Allen profiled as one of the many costumed characters who line Hollywood Boulevard collecting tips from people posing for photographs with them. It appears Allen as moved east to warmer climes.

In the documentary, Allen portrays himself as a man with a dark past -- alluding to criminal acts he committed but was never caught. Allen is shown practicing martial arts and firing guns at a range -- neither he does particularly well. In the documentary, he saw a psychiatrist while dressed as Batman, of course.

After the fight on the Strip, Allen has taken to the internet, posting comments on the YouTube video that again made him famous. His initial posts were vile, profanity-laced, homophobic and hate filled. But he's taken a calmer approach as late.

"Yes, I DO have a temper, BUT, only against evil men. YES, my past is as dark as Batman's cape. I can guess that is where it comes from," he said

There were no charges files in the brawl. Police said the pair didn't want to press charges. According to various reports, Allen was arrested in California while working the streets as Batman.

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