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Police Warn of DUI Dangers During Prom Season

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LAS VEGAS - What happens at prom is not as much of a concern as what happens after the dance.

"There are probably the people driving themselves home, and they're probably going to be drunk," said Bonanza High School senior Reed Thuet. "It's stupid, but I don't know. I don't involve myself with that."

"It doesn't appeal to me at all," said Bonanza High School senior Craig Whiting. "I don't see any fun in it I guess. I've never done it."

Many parents hope their teenagers think like these Bonanza seniors. The school's prom is Saturday night.

Metro Police know, unfortunately, not every senior has plans to celebrate that special night sober. That's why they are reminding parents and students about the dangers of using alcohol.

"That's the first message. You shouldn't be drinking," said Metro Police Detective Scott Lang. "Is that realistic? For some kids, yes. For others, no. We don't live in a perfect world, but most parents know what their children are doing or suspect what their kids are doing. Deal with your child accordingly."

Metro also wants the public to know officers will be on patrol. An estimated one third of the alcohol-related traffic deaths that occur in April, May, and June will involve teenagers who have been drinking.

"We know school is coming to an end," Detective Lang said. "We know there are proms. We know during the summertime, there are the parties. So, we look for those."

Some teens know the risks involved with drinking and are choosing to have a simple, sober night they will remember for years to come.

"Dance is over, we're going to go watch a movie, and then around 2:00 a.m., take our dates home and go to bed," Thuet said.

"It's like the last thing you do with all your senior friends. So, (I'm) looking forward to a good group event," Whiting said.

Every month, Metro sets up a DUI checkpoint. This month, that checkpoint will be Memorial Day weekend. It will include a special unit to identify underage drinking.

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