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Costumed Characters Talk About the Dangers of the Strip

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LAS VEGAS -- Everyday, people take to the street dressed in costumes to give you a laugh and a chance to meet a real life superhero. But one Batman look-a-like took a beating and it was caught on tape.

Video that was posted online this week showed a man beating up Batman, all while Batman stayed in character. Toward the end of the brawl, Batman was body slammed onto the sidewalk.

Performers say they are used to the dangers on the job, and this wasn't the time Batman has been assaulted.

"Friday and Saturday nights, when people start drinking, they get dumb. They revert back to high school stuff. It's like pushing and shoving," said Batman impersonator Maxwell Allen.

Allen says he was getting his picture taken and then was pushed into the rocks. That's when the fight broke out.

He and many of the other costumed characters on the Strip have stories of being robbed or assaulted. For a lot of them, this is the only job they can get to make money, so they pull 10 to 15 hour days walking the pavement.

Many of them say they don't get respect while they're in costume and are subject to taunts and fights.

Officer Bill Cassell with Metro Police says they have a lot of patrols on the Strip, but by the time they get to these incidents, many of the brawlers have gone and left.

"On a crowded evening or day on the Strip, sometime it takes more than a minute or two to get to a call," he said.

Officer Cassell says they do have undercover officers and street patrols on bikes all over the Strip, but they can't be at all places at once.

Despite the dangers, the costumed characters say the job offers good money and in a bad economy, they have to risk it to feed their family.

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