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5/11/2011 Ron Would Fit Into Your Home Seamlessly

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Eleven is an important age for a young man... Today's Wednesday's Child would tell you that.   His name is Ron... And his desire is to have a forever family.

Ron has what you would call soul-ful eyes.   They're searching...trusting...just like the young man behind them.  

He's a handsome, soft-spoken guy who likes to cook...might even try to be a chef someday.   He says he's best with: "Brownies, desserts and appetizers."

Like most kids, Ron needs lots of structure and direction.   His Court Appointed Special Advocate who was with him this day in the park says Ron is a sensitive kid with a big heart:

"He is affectionate. He is very loving. He really works to get praise, he really likes to get praise for doing well, he works hard at tasks, follows direction to appoint needs a little reinforcement there," says Ted, Ron's C.A.S.A.

Ron was fun to be with, and easy to talk to.   He's at ease around grown-ups, and understands there are special considerations in his care plan.

"Ron does have some special needs. I think he would do very well in a two parent family are currently with one or zero children in it. He does require a lot of attention he is very intelligent.   Like I said he does have some very special emotional and medical needs, that need to be addressed," adds Ted.

But more than anything Ron needs a home with love and support:

"I think one where he use again able to get lot of significant attention, and love from parents, someone who would help with his reading and homework," remarks Ted.

Ron is free and clear for adoption, and we hope it happens soon.

If you're interested, call the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335 to get started in the process.

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