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Christopher Joins Destinee in Hopes for a New Home

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We promised to bring you the other half of a brother/sister pair on Wwednesday's Child this week. Last week you met Destinee, but her brother, Christopher is also looking for an adoptive home.

This youngster is a real go-getter.  If you plan to be Christopher's adoptive parents -- be ready to rachet up the energy.

'Never a dull moment if Christopher is anywhere close-by. Yes, this 9 yr-old can be a handful sometimes, but he's also a genuine delight, and at times during our visit on this paddlewheel boat, Christopher was quite a showboat himself.

"Hello, hello, I'm starring, the boat nationals, I'm a captain of the boat," said Christopher, as if he were announcing at a boat show.

Actually, for a while, Christopher was Captain of the boat. In fact it was hard to get him off the bridge once he had a turn of the wheel.. The only way we could lure him away was with the promise of a snack.

We watched in amazement while Christopher either ate or stashed away all the treats he grabbed... Then listened while he made up stories about his favorite subject: spiders.

"I got 3 man-eating spiders, a man-eating black widow, a man-eating brown recluse, and a man-eating...a man-eating I got 4 tarantula's, except a man-eating tarantula can eat any tarantula, it's mouth is about that big, and it's teeth are about that long... (gestures)..."

Despite all the antics, Christopher is pretty smart.  He understands he can't stay forever in the group home where he's at now, and has defininte ideas about what kind of adoptive parents he'd like.

"Good parents...not mean parents..."

"What does that mean?"

"That they, like, if you ask something sometimes if there's...if you ask nicely, if they can buy you something, they say yes, but sometimes they say know, but I can understand that, 'cause everytime I beg for stuff, but they'll...I don't get my I just take it."

'Told you he was a go-getter. If you've got the energy to keep up with Christopher, call the Adoption Exchange right away. Here's the new local number you can call to get started in the process: 702-436-6335

DCFS would love to be able to adopt Christopher and his sister Destinee in the same adoptive home, but they understand that's a lot to ask of any prospective parent.  They're OK with two separate homes, as long as the parents understand that the two siblings will have to be able to have regular contact with each other.

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