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5/4/2011 Sisters Who Want To Do Good

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Two outstanding young ladies are the focus of today's Wednesday's Child.   They're only a year apart in age...and deserve a forever home together

On this windy day at Lorenzi Park, sisters Junia and Denashia gravitated toward the lake and the ducks 'n' geese.   During our walk, I got to know these two girls, and both have plans to choose helping professions.

"I would like to, I wanted to help foster kids like they're helping me," says Denashia.

"Police officer. I want to help people," says Junia.

Their foster mother says, yes, they're really that way...great kids with a giving attitude:

"You know I think you're just genuine kids, I think they didn't care providers in their younger years and I'm just now that they… it's a sort of in them to something that seems to come naturally to them," says Amy, the girls' foster mother.

Not with the girls on this day is their brother, Junmarion, seen here in a Wednesday's Child shoot at the Springs Preserve in January.   And like his sisters, he wants to help as a fireman:

"Because like, I'm trying to save the world and everybody," says Junmarion.

This deserving sibling set: Junia, Denashia, Junmarion, and another, older sister make up a bonded family and they want to stay together.  

"Loving, nurturing they are charismatic, they're willing to pretty much adopt to anything, I think they'll fit in great in any loving nurturing home. Just, they bring a lot of quality of life to the family and I think it would be important for any family to have girls like this," says Amy.

This set of siblings is clear and free for adoption.  To get the process started...call right away at the Adoption Exchange office.   The number is 436-6335.

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