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CCSD Students Skip Class to Protest on the Las Vegas Strip

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LAS VEGAS  -- Hundreds of Clark County school students are taking their protest against budget cuts to the Las Vegas Strip.

High school senior Steaven Rojas says students have been using social media including Facebook and Twitter to organize their "Don't Gamble with our Education" rally near Caesars Palace. More than 450 people responded on Facebook that they would attend the event.

The goal is to draw attention to a funding crisis stemming from a budget shortfall of more than $400 million in the Las Vegas-area district. The cuts include slashing 1,800 positions and increasing class sizes. Students, many of who had the permission of their parents to protest, say their educational future is under attack.

"If this continues on, most of these students won't have their choir classes, most of these students won't have the reason why they go to school, and it's hurting us," said Rojas.

Parents and some teachers also took part in the rally.

"Education leads to better, high-paying jobs, better high-paying jobs lead to more tax income for the state. Cutting education is completely backwards," said Dr. Joel Tierno, CSN philosophy professor.

"What are the options for these youth? Stay home, get in trouble, what do we want them to do?" said parent Ellen Spears.


Teachers are expected to hold a rally Saturday at Cashman Field.


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