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4/27/2011 Five Brothers and Sisters Seeking Hope

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Wednesday's Child returns today with a big challenge: a sibling set of five children...five brothers and sisters who register pretty high on the "energetic" scale

We're at Lorenzi Park on a windy day with 5 great kids...active kids... Hard to catch-up-to kids... So just to make sure I could name them all we got this group shot.

Deron is the oldest at 13 with the black shirt, and his brother Kalob is a year younger.   Then it's Autumn with the red dress...she's in fourth grade, her sister Belauna in 3rd grade, and the youngest, Hayden who will tell you without hesitation that:

"I like scooby-doo!"

Sure this is a big order -- adopting 5 kids, but there's no way we can break 'em up.

"They are bonded and connected so separating them is not an option at this time around you will want or need to want all of them, so we're looking for, somebody has the openness to consider all five," says Vickie, their adoption recruiter.

Deron -- who's been playing the role of protective big brother -- told us they need parents who will listen.

I would like parents I could talk to and tell my feelings to," Deron says.

All five are doing well in their studies at school...   They're pretty well-adjusted, and eager to find a forever home.

"They are connected, they are smart, they're happy energetic and athletic as we can see and right now they just need a home hopefully that has the capacity to take care of five," adds Vickie.

This is a ready-made family of five with tons of potential:

"You know what, the sky's the limit with this group, I mean, we just really need a resource that is committed to all five of them, likes boys and girls.   You know enjoys girl things, enjoys sports, and those types of things for the boys, and we're gonna be ok with this family," says Vickie.

Don't be put-off by the number 5... This family would fit in well anywhere with enough room.
if you're interested, get the approval process started by calling the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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