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Destinee Determined to Set Her Own Destiny

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Wednesday's Child, is half of a brother/sister pair waiting to be adopted. Her name is Destinee, she's 11 years old, and we got to go on the Lake Mead Cruises paddlewheel boat. Destinee started out the day with a frown on her face, though. 

We tried to pose for a photo before the cruise, but Destinee could only muster a scowl. That would soon change, as we boarded the boat, and took our seats for 2 hours of fun. In a matter of minutes Destinee changed from scowling to skipper of the boat....on the bridge, she got to navigate, and that brought out the big smiles.

In past years, smiles were hard to come by for Destinee....she's in a stable group home now, but before that, it was one foster home after another.

"It's kinda hard, moving, 7, through 7 different's kinda hard moving from place to place, but like when you're adopted, it's like someone that you really have to love and care for you....and who is your forever family," says Destinee.

Destinee is very protective of her little brother, Christopher...something she says comes so naturally, she'd like to be a foster mother herself some day.

"I wanna be a foster mother, 'cause I really like taking, well, I really like kids, and I hope that someday I might adopt a kid, probably...I don't want to have a baby, but I would adopt babies or children," says Destinee.

Until then, she's got plenty of other things to keep her busy. "Well, mostly, I like to do soccer and, I like to draw, write, read, spell, and do writing...writing is my most favorite subject in school, and it's like, I've always gotten an "A" in writing, and I usually gets A's and B's in uh, uh, spelling, and I usually get A's and B's in homework too,.....I'm not really a fan of homework."

We think this 11-yr-old is pretty special for being honest and saying she still wants a lasting family -- one with lots of love.

"A really great, really good parents, and I think that if I do get adopted, I would really like to have a family who like really cares for me."

We're convinced there must be a family out there who's perfect for destinee. It you think you might be the one call the adoption exchange right away. Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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