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3/30/2011 The Heart Gallery for 2011 is Almost Here

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At our Weekly Wed's Child shoots lately, professional still photographers and foster kids are showing up in abundance.   Why?  ....it's almost time for the Heart Gallery.

Most photographers will tell you they're uncomfortable being photographed... But we wanted to catch them in action doing something that is perhaps one of the most successful paths to adoption for Clark County's Foster kids.   Heart Gallery.

Pros like David Blake donate their time and skill to capture winning photos of foster kids.

"Something very natural, I think when I shoot the kids, I try to a lot of pictures, try to get them feel very comfortable in front of the camera," says Blake.

"And the photographers enjoy their jobs, they enjoy taking their picture, and chasing the child around the park to take that picture," says Kimberly Goffinet of The Adoption Exchange.

The final result is often something like this: big and compelling portraits of children waiting for adoption...on display for all to see.

But it's the only picture that the kids get that's really professional photo...we have so many mug shots, that we really, it's nice to get a quality photo, and we matte it and frame it, and so it's really nice," adds Goffinet.

Most of these kids have also been on Wednesday's Child, so the double exposure can only help.

"Each year we see more and more placements of the children who are featured in the heart gallery, last year...all but one child had adoption plans from heart gallery," adds Carol Mittwede of the Adoption Exchange.

Last year, more than 90% of kids featured in the Heart Gallery ended up with adoption plans.
the next Heart Gallery is about a month away...Wednesday, May 4th at United Healthcare, where you can see the portraits, and meet some of the foster kids in person.

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