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3/23/2011 Two Hopefuls Make Their Second Appearance

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People often ask about young people they've previously seen on Wed's Child, and today, Dave Courvoisier has a follow-up on two young people, who, unfortunately have not been adopted.

You might remember Essence from her appearance on Wednesday's Child last October.    At the time, I found her to be an incredibly smart and engaging young lady...

"I'm really outstanding person.   I like getting along with everybody loved hanging out with people love playing games with other people and stuff," Essence humbly told me back then.

Essence is still that same bubbly person, but has switched foster homes and seems happy.

"It seems I've been doing a lot more better in the home I'm in right now, It's been going on for two  months," Essence admits.

Essence is in Junior High, and still very much wants an adoptive family.

Our other follow-up today is Joseph, first profiled in September last year, and also still seeking an adoptive home.

Joseph is resilient and works hard:

"Basically, I'm  not having trouble with past problems...like, I'm following directions more, and I'm more cooperative," adds Joseph

Above all, Joseph still has hope of finding the right home:

"What kind of home would you like?" asks Dave.  "Um, athletic, someone who cares, and will help you out in times of need, you know when you're in times of trouble," says Joseph.

We're hoping for both Essence and Joseph to find their forever home, too.

If you think your home and your family could be their future, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange to get the process started. 436-6335.

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