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Nathan Fixes Things -- Maybe You Can Fix His Family Life

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Wednesday's Child this week is our final installment from Wet 'n' Wild, and a fitting way to close out Summer.  Dave had fun with all 4 boys at Wet 'n' Wild a couple of weeks ago, but Nathan was probably the most considerate, and we have high hopes, someone will want to adopt this well-mannered 10 year old.

Nathan likes to be in the middle of the fun. He's the nice-looking African-American kid with the infectious smile and lots of energy. You'd never guess that in his short life-time, Nathan has been in and out of 6 foster homes.

"He's a good kid, basically, he's a good 10-yr-old," says Angelo, Nathan's current foster-father.

Nathan's been in Angelo's home for the last year and a half. He does well where there's a lot of structure and a predictable routine. And Angelo says Nathan shows some surprising skills.

"He loves to take things apart, and ... As a matter of fact we got him a toolbox for Christmas for his birthday, a tool kit, and he uses it everyday, I mean, he'll take something apart, and put it back together in a heartbeat, and he's pretty good with it too," says Angelo.

But when you ask Nathan what he likes to do, it's a different story.

"What do you like to do more than anything else?" 

"Ride my bike, run around."

"You leave Nathan alone, he'll go out with his bicycle and he'll ride his bicycle forever," says his Foster-father.

When I asked Nathan what I should tell Channel 8 viewers about him, he had this quick reply:

"That he's a good kid, but sometimes I do stupid things."

But his Foster-father has another story. He's proud of Nathan for doing so well in school, and being a well-rounded kid.

"He's got a lot of potential, a lot of potential."

Let's hope someone will want to tap into that potential. To do that, your first step is to call the Aadoption Exchange right away. Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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