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Nevada Bill Cracks Down on Teens Sexting

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CARSON CITY, Nev.  -- Teens sending nude photos of themselves via cell phone, also known as sexting, has been a growing problem all over the nation, and Nevada has been no exception.

Under current law, teens caught sexting could be charged under child pornography laws. Teens caught sexting could face serious consequences, like being forced to register as sex offender -- a punishment that would stay with them forever.

A proposed bill would make the punishment less harsh, especially for teens who haven't been educated on the consequences.

"Kids don't realize that when they are doing this, these pictures are still going to be out there 20, 30, 40 years from now," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Brown.

Brown says under current law, teens who are caught sexting could face child pornography and distribution charges. Punishment could include registering as a sex offender. Senate Bill 277 would change that.

The bill would order first time offenders to get supervision on the dangers of sexting without it going on their record.

"The bill is designed to address the Romeos and Juliet's sort of situation where boyfriends and girlfriends are sending consensual pictures of each other," said Brown.

If the teen continues sexting, tougher punishment will then follow.

If you think it's not happening in your child's school, think again. School Police Lt. Ken Young says they see up 10 cases a month.

"When you are depicting sexual acts through a picture, we take those very seriously," he said.

SB 277 also calls for more education in schools about sexting, which would fall under the same category of cyberbullying.

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