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Everybody Loves THIS Raymond, Too

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(Aug. 27) -- On this Wednesday's Child, we're back to Wet 'n' Wild. You'll remember I took a group of 4 boys to Wet 'n' Wild a couple of weeks ago, so you'll see all of us together, but tonight the focus is on the almost to be 11-year-old Raymond.

Wet 'n' Wild was the perfect place to get to know Raymond.  He's had so many disappointments with his natural family, and several different foster homes, so he's cool at first, but when the ice breaks, Raymond turns into a delightful, playful, affectionate, and helpful guy who thrives on attention.

Raymond will tell you all about himself.  He's an open book, and talking to him, I began to realize he has a lot of -- shall we say -- "unique" interests.

"I like swordfighting...I'm looking foward to buying my own sword," says Raymond.

So there's that, and he says likes science because he wants to learn to make potions. And then there's this: "I wanna see if I can tame a Lion or a Bobcat ...maybe a Bobcat," says Raymond.

For all those unusual interests, Raymond also does the traditional stuff, going to church, good with chores at home, and -- by his own admission -- a good speller.

"Spell dictionary."


"...Always the best in his class."  Raymond's foster mother, Julie, says she's seen a lot of change in the time he's lived with her. "Raymond is always police, and always appreciate what you're doing for him."

Raymond knew exactly why we were putting him on TTV, and he's hopeful about his prospects.

"...For someone to adopt me, and someone who really cares about me, and wants to adopt me."

"Raymond is a sweet kid, and he loves to be loved, and that's important, you know, if somebody would open their heart, and just to love him, and Raymond is just ready to be loved," says his foster mother.

We're hoping someone will open up their heart and their home to Raymond. The first step is calling the Adoption Exchange right away.   Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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