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3/2/2011 Brothers Jonathan and LeeLee Would Make Your Home Complete

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A pair of brothers looking for an adoptive home today on Wednesday's Child.    Although they need to stay together, they're definitely unique individuals.

Jonathan, and his younger brother Lee-Lee make for a lively pair, and like most boys, they like getting their hands in things.

Wherever we went at the lied discovery children's museum, they found plenty to keep them engaged.   Not like that's a problem.

Jonathan, the oldest at 10 is good at school, and...

"Jonathan's an artistic kid, he's very...he loves art, he loves to draw, he loves to write, very idealistic, he's a people-watcher.   He notices a lot of things," says Anthony, their foster father.

His younger brother, Lee-Lee, by contrast is a smiling 6-yr-old who makes friends easily.

"Lee-Lee's a social bug...Lee-Lee will talk to anyone, and Lee-Lee, he interacts with a lot of different people, mostly with kids his age...he makes friends really easily. you know, he's a giver," says Anthony

Both of these boys enjoy school, and have good grades.   But life so far has had it's share of tough breaks for them, and they will need a home with clear rules.

"The challenge would be to just ....to...to... Understand where they've been and to create something... A bright future for them. Along with structure, being loving and being stern with them...because these kids have been through a lot," admits Anthony.

But not so much that they've lost sight of what they want -- a loving family.

"But I think with a home that is stable, and can be forever for them, they can start dreaming again....about their goals again.  They're resilient...they're strong kids, they've very strong kids.
Jonathan and Lee-Lee are free and ready for adoption.   They understand their situation," adds Anthony.

If you think there's room in your home and your heart for these two, please call the office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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