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2/16/2011 All Individuals, but Still a Family of Five

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We can't imagine how a sibling set of five children came to be in a position of needing to be adopted, but our job on Wednesday's Child today is to find the right family.   And we're sure it's out there somewhere.

Take a good look...this is a rare shot of all five kids together in one place standing still for just a second, so we could get a picture.

This group of 3 girls and two boys make up a tight unit unto themselves, but they need parents.   Oldest sister, Destiny has been trying to play that role, but she shouldn't have to.

"...And that's why I'm always constantly reminding her, you know you don't' have to worry about that now...I'm the mom...I'll take care of that..you be a kid...you you know, have fun," says Donelle, their foster mother.

Donelle's the current in a long line of foster mothers...too many.   That's why we need permanency for 10 year old Caroline:

"Caroline is the more quiet type," says Donelle.

And permanency for Kimberly, an 8-yr-old:

"Kimberly is a roller-blader, so she likes to roller-blade," adds Donelle.

And permanency for Sean, age 6...the defiant one...determined not to let us take his picture.

And Johnny...the youngest at 3.

"They all want to gravitate to Johnny, the baby, 'cause they haven't been together with him...so they all want to love him, and love on him a lot," admits Donnelle.

The adoptive home would have to be a structured, strong place:

"But people who the foundation of the marriage is strong...they want kids, they love kids, and they have a lot of support system, cousins," says Constance, the DFS Adoption Recruiter for the kids.

"They need a home with a lot of structure, and uh, teaching, mentoring, and most of all love, because if you have the love that it takes to mentor and care for children like this, then you can overlook a lot of the things, that they, they...deficient in." says Donnnelle.

Family services is standing by with a lot of resources to help with this adoption, so don't think it's too big an order

To get started in the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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