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Quiet Pre-Teen Hopes for Home

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(Aug. 13) -- Two weeks ago we had a birthday girl on Wednesday's Child; t onite we have a birthday boy... and he is also turning 13. H is name is Sam, and he's kind of a quiet guy.

We got together at the Children's Discovery Museum -- probably the perfect place for Sam, who is very inquisitive.

We visited virtually every exhibit upstairs at the Discovery museum...science stuff, like the pendulum, and gravity demonstrations. At every stop, Sam seemed captivated by the demonstrations.

For all the things that Sam takes in, not much is spoken about. He's a quiet guy. We sat down for a talk, and I did most of the talking.

"What would you like for your birthday?" "Uh, some toys, uh, a goldfish, no not a goldfish, like uh...." "A fish tank?" "Yeah!"

Part of the reason Sam struggles with conversation is that he wears hearing aids, and is a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome. There's really nothing he can't do...it just takes a little more time, lots of encouragement, and plenty of structure and consistency at home.

Sam gets along well with people of all ages, but he's best one-on-one. He does all his chores around home, and likes riding his bike with others his age.

Sam also is good with his hands. "I like to fix stuff." "You good at that?" (nods) "What do you like to fix?" "Uh, houses and stuff."

Sam needs a committed family, and a strong father figure to bring out his best. Inside, there's a nice kid with a lot to share.

If you think you have the commitment to be Sam's "forever family", call The Adoption Exchange right away to get the process started. Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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