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2/09/2011 Sibling Group of Six -- Not Too Big of an Order!

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Remember last week we presented a sibling set of five kids on Wednesday's Child?... Well this week, we have an equally worthy sibling set of six brothers and sisters.

Just like last week - we're back at Pole Position -- forcing this lively set of 6 siblings to stand still for just a couple of seconds so we could get a little perspective on them as a family.

And they are a family... And very much need to stay that way.

"They protect each other, they cheer each other on, when they're doing things, and they'll make sure that neither one of them will ever find themselves in any type of harm, 'cause they're so bonded," says Gina, their DFS Adoption Recruiter.

Jeremiah is the youngest at 4...talkative and enjoys learning.

Janiah is a year older, and is a little shy till she gets to know you.

Gabriel and Daniell are the twins...but don't make the mistake of thinking they're much alike.

"...And those set of twins, they'll tell you, my birthday may be the same, but we're definitely different," adds Gina.

Quiasha is next oldest... She has strong leadership tendencies.  And the oldest at 11 is Jaymon... SchooPl minded, and sports loving.

"So each one of them have different personalities...but they're it's very  stable how they are...how they move from family to family, they understand adapting to anyone," admits Gina.

Yes, taking in a family of six young children would be a challenge, so we have this suggestion right off the top:

"These children, because there's six of them, and they are so close in age, we are definitely going to have to look for a family that can house this many children, as well as transport them around," says Gina.

But mostly they need love and stability:

"They love each other, but they would love to share all this love they have for each other with parents that are willing to take them forever," says Gina.

We know this is a big order...but think of it as six times the blessing!

But to inquire about the process for adopting this lovely family of six, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335

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