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Leaders Face Major Education Dilemma

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LAS VEGAS -- Education is going to be a hot topic this legislative session. Clark County School District officials and a lobbying team from the state teacher's union are in Carson City to try to make sure education is protected.

They know they have their work cut out for them, but say this year they are more prepared than ever.

There a lot of concerns from parents and teachers about what's going on in Carson City. Many are worried about how education is going to be hit, including potential job cuts for educators. But this legislative session, you can be sure lawmakers will get an earful, not only from lobbyists but from parents and teachers who are fired up.

"I feel like the public is smarter than that and I think the public understands that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result," said Gary Peck with the Nevada State Education Association.

Peck says he has noticed more involvement from his members this time around. He believes parents and teachers have had enough. They no longer want to just sit and watch, but are taking a proactive approach.

The NSEA has a number of resources on their website that allows you to email the governor or a state leader directly. You can also research what bills are being discussed in Carson City and follow along on key votes. The association has also set up Twitter and Facebook accounts to get more people involved.

Several parents have already written letters to their elected officials because they're so angry about potential education cuts.

"They are going to be running our casinos, they are going to be running our office, they are going to be in the governor's office, so if he wants somebody with a low education running his paperwork, that worries me a lot," said parent Manuel Torres.

The NSEA says they are worried about the proposed 5 percent cut to education salaries, but say it is not just their members they're worried about, protecting the kids and making sure they have the tools they need in the classroom is a priority

The teacher's union has a lobby team made up of six people up in Carson City. They will be there daily to make sure they're talking to lawmakers.

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