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02/02/11 Sibling Set of Five Not Too Big for ANY Home

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Hang on to your hats and hearts, because between this week and next week on Wednesday's Child, we have 11 adoptable kids to show you.   Next week, a sibling set of 6, but today --  a sibling set of 5.

Either way you look at it -- from tallest to shortest, or youngest to oldest  -- this group of 5 kids constitute a family unto themselves.   They just need parents.

"They're amazing kids, they're easy to be around, and we've seen today, they love each other, they support each other," says Vickie their DFS Case Manager

Pole Position was a great place to meet up with all these youngsters...'cause it had something to do for everyone.  

The oldest: Alanis and his brother next-closest in age: Kristian stay pretty close to each other.

In the middle at age 9 is Jessica...sweet and loving, but shy.

Second youngest is Jessenia at 7 ...outgoing and fun-loving, and youngest of the five, Adrian...kinda quiet, and likes soccer.

I can tell you from meeting them all personally that they are wonderfully polite, playful, respectful and fun to be with...considering the upheaval they've had in their family.

"They are dealing quite well with it, they are still very upbeat, they have wonderful things to say about their birth family," explains Vickie.

But what about the challenge of adopting this many kids?

"But to be completely honest, the number of kids hardly ever dictates how difficult the placement will be, or the challenges that will be there.   What typically dictates that is who the children are.   In this case, these children are wonderful....there are no behavior problems, they are intelligent, some of them are doing the best in their class.  They're a sibling group, and they deserve to stay together, reminds Vickie

We know this is a big order, but we also know you'll find them to be great kids. To inquire about this sibling set of five, contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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