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Meet Zachary, A Great 8-Year-Old Hoping For Adoption

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Dave Courvoisier did his level best to keep up with 4 boys at a Wet 'n' Wild. It was a fun afternoon, but they kept him running and wet.

Four the next several weeks, we want you to meet each boy individually, so while you may see all four of them together in the video stories, you'll meet them all one by one in individual profiles, and we start with Zachary.

We stayed together as a whole group of happy water park campers most of the day. Zachary is easy to spot, he's a tow-head with the dark tan and the big smile. And what a delight he is! Wherever we went, Zachary always hung close to me.

Zachary just turned 8, but it was only two years ago that he entered the foster care system because of abuse and neglect. In those two years, he's been in and out of several foster homes. He's weathered the changes with some therapy, but he claims there are some drawbacks to moving so many times.

"I'm getting' tired of cleaning up my stuff and putting it in boxes," Zachary said.

Zachary told me he likes science and math, and wants to learn karate. He also likes basketball, soccer, riding his bike, playing video games, and....well, just about everything 8 year-old boys like to do.

Zachary would do well in a 2-parent family or with a single dad....'probably best if he's the only child, but to hear Zachary tell it, he likes brothers and sisters.

"I like little kids, I really do," said Zachary with a big smile.

Zachary would need lots of attention and love, but he's got so much to give in return. He's a special little boy who is affectionate, friendly and he's a good eater. When I asked him what kind of family he'd like. He had a simple answer:

"A good one."

This is a special child, and we know someone will want to call Zachary their son. Call the Adoption Exchange right away to get the process started. Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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