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1/26/2011 Junmarion Is At the Perfect Adoptable Age

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Just about every young man goes through a stage where he wants to be a fireman, but today's Wednesday's Child is really serious about it.   That....and getting a forever family.

Springs Preserve didn't have any firetrucks, but they did have a lot of cool collectibles like rocks and shells, and Junmarion is studious guy.

"I like to do math, reading, everything," says Junmarion.

"...and there's something else I liked about Junmarion.

"I like to watch news, channel 8," says Junmarion with a big smile.

In this case, watching Channel-8 -- we hope -- will land Jumarion the permanent home he needs.

"Just most importantly, it has to be a family that's willing to stay committed to him and his needs," says Vicki, his adoption recruiter.

Oh, and there is one special request that goes along with that family.

"He said his favorite pet believe it or not is a bunny...(laughs)  I dunno how many homes have rabbits in Nevada, but he does like household pets, so I think he's going to be very easy to accept in that way," says Vickie.

To go along with his dream of being a firefighter, Jumarion has a great heart:

"...Because like, I'm trying to save the world and everybody..." admits Junmarion.

"For the most part, if you just want to work with him, redirect him, show him what it's like to be part of the family, I think that he's going to do very well in a family setting," says Vickie.

Jumarion has sisters he's close with, so his new adoptive home would have to help make sure those relationships continue.

To get started in the process of adopting Junmarion.   Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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