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New CCSD Superintendent Calls Himself a Game Changer

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LAS VEGAS -- Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones has less than 60 days on the job and he is already talking about the new education system he plans to build for Clark County.

Jones calls himself the game changer and says his new job offers him a great opportunity to turn things around. "What I see is this is the future and this is a possibility that we have for a lot of our students. I just have to make sure we have it for all of our students," said Jones.

As optimistic as Jones is, he admits Clark County schools are suffering with a high drop out rate and low test scores. "Too many of our kids are graduating and not ready," he said. It was those tough challenges that made Jones pick up his family and move from Colorado.

"I've always wanted an opportunity to work in urban education, and in some cases, I've been critical saying they ought to do this or that. Well it's one thing to stand back and be critical but another thing to step in and say instead of me talking about it, maybe I ought to see if I can do something about it."

His first plan is to rally the support of the community and begin making sure every school has effective teachers. He also wants to improve the district's data system.

"In areas we're not doing well we've got to tell the truth because that isn't just a school problem but a community problem."

He's is a former teacher, principal and superintendent who believes his plan will begin the transformation of Clark County public schools.  

"I'm excited to be in Clark County and I think it's a tremendous opportunity to bring some reforms that we've learned across the country here to this district to get better results for our kids."

Jones and his wife are married with three kids. Two are in college and his youngest will be in enrolling in Clark County public schools.

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