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Grant Offered to Help Struggling Homeowners

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LAS VEGAS -- Drive down any residential block in Las Vegas and you will probably find a foreclosed home. Many of those former homeowners say they didn't know where to get help or who to trust.

The good news is that the Nevada Supreme Court has awarded $300,000 in grants for five projects aimed at educating homeowners on how to save that roof over their heads.

Sixty-five-year-old Grace Fields is on the verge of losing her home. She has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and advice. "The process has to be streamlined so that everyone can avail themselves of the information and the help," she said.

Barbara Buckley, executive director of Legal Aid of Nevada, says too many homeowners don't know where to seek help or get advice when their home is up for foreclosure. That's why she supports a $300,000 grant from the state, aimed at giving free education classes and legal advice.

"We're starting an Ask a Lawyer program -- a free program where if people have gone to the class and they've done everything they could and they still need legal help and they can't afford it, they can come to our program and see if we can help," she said.

Funds will also go to support the Legal Aid Center to hire a foreclosure specialist. Fields hopes to be one of their first clients, and she says this may give her advice she's been seeking to save her home.

To get free legal advice on foreclosures and to find out when those foreclosure education classes will be held, go to the Legal Aid website.

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